Fully booked!

The Fernie and The Central are fully booked for the season.

Wishing everyone a snowy winter. Rooms will be available for Summer Rental June 1st.


6 thoughts on “Fully booked!

  1. Hi there!

    I see you are fully booked right now, can you please let me know if a room becomes available this month (February) as I know things can come up and people sometimes leave unexpectedly. I am looking for a room for three months.



    1. Hi Nadine, T
      The post you read was from October 2019.
      Presently we do have rooms available. However, all our rooms are private rooms with shared kitchen, bathroom, shower, common area etc. Aimed at seasonal workers. During the summer we do month-to-month rentals. If you are interested please send me an email at whowse@parastone.ca and I can send you a copy of our lease.
      Kind Regards,

      Wendy Howse


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